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A break that allows you to unplug as you relax in our spa.

At Rocche di Montexelo there's a private spa at the disposal of our guests and visitors.

Spa facilities

Hydromassage tub

The water is heated by the sun's energy, thanks to solar panels and biomass. 


Better quality sleep Reduced stress and anxiety Improved skin tone Positive effects on circulation and the lymphatic system

Emotional shower

A wellness practice that combines water jets with chromotherapy and aromatherapy. In our spa you can experience three types of shower: vertical hydromassage, lateral jets and nebulised cold shower, combined with floral aromatherapy. 


Relaxation Dissolves physical tension

Finnish sauna

The sauna is a heat bath, combined with aromatherapy with ocean fragrances. In our spa, the maximum temperature is 70 degrees. 


Purification and boosting of the organism Relaxation Skin detoxing  Improved circulation

Turkish bath

At Rocche di Montexelo, this purifying treatment uses mint fragrances in summer and autumn, and eucalyptus in winter and spring, at a maximum temperature of 47 degrees.


Positive effects on the skin Reduces rheumatic and muscle pain Improves sleep quality Relaxation



Chromotherapy increases physical and psychological wellbeing through the use of colours. At our spa, you'll find it in: 


Turkish bath Emotional shower Hydromassage bath Spa ceiling



Extra services

Massage by an Ayurvedic practitioner

Ayurvedic massage is a specific treatment that helps to restore balance and harmony between mind and body, facilitating physical and psychological wellbeing.  

Price list

  • Ayurvedic Balance massage for deep relaxation: € 90
  • Ayurvedic Abhyangam massage: € 90
  • Bamboo massage: € 75
  • Pinda Sweda massage with hot pads: € 85

Duration of treatment: 50 minutes .

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Massage with professional therapist

Massage is a genuine therapy for the muscles and connective tissues. This practice uses massage to alleviate muscular pain and contracture, and also to reduce stress. 

Price list

  • Relaxing anti-stress massage € 80
  • Lymph draining massage € 80

Duration of treatment: 50 minutes 

  • Relaxing back and neck massage € 70

Duration of treatment: 30 minutes* (minimum 2 treatments)

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Hypno-massage can be booked at our spa with our mental trainer, hypnotist and emotions coach.  


Our treats

  • Fresh fruit and pastries
  • Drinks

Herbal teas, fruit juices, bottle of Roero wine

  • Music and stereo system 

with option to play your own music

  • Translational music at 432Hz by Emiliano Toso

to aid physical and psychological wellbeing 

  • Television (43")
  • Air-conditioning 



Spa price list 

You can use our spa even if you're not staying with us. 


  • Two changing rooms with showers 
  • Hairdryer 
  • Microfibre towels, slippers and bathrobes
  • Green toiletries kit  
  • Cleaning and sanitising before and after every use  
  • Treats for guests

Price list

To enjoy our exclusive spa, you should book at least one day in advance, choosing from these time slots: 

  • 13:00 to 16:00
  • 17:00 to 20:00   
  • 21:00 to 24:00  

*exclusive use for 3 consecutive hours, 7 days a week subject to availability

Adults - 3 hour entry 

  • € 160 for 2 people 
  • € 205 for 3 people 
  • € 240 for 4 people 
  • € 290 for 5 people 
  • € 330 for 6 people 

Children - 3 hour entry 

  • Free entry for under 3s  
  • Children from 3 to 6: € 20 
  • Children aged 10 and over: € 40

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